Golf Swing: Intermediate Lessons

A wise man once said that we learn for as long as we live. When it comes to playing golf, this quote is more than valid. If you have reached the intermediate level, you have accumulated a lot of knowledge and practical experience, but this doesn’t mean that the learning process stops here. On the contrary, there is no better moment than the present to improve your golf swing and take your performance to the next level. And the good news is that you have the perfect book here, to guide you through the process.
In this book, you will discover a lot of interesting information on the golf swing, along with strategies on how this can be improved. We know how hard you have worked to arrive to this point and now it is time to fine tune your performance. You can use the information included in this book to increase the overall consistency for your shots and enjoy a lower score on the golf course.
Here is a preview of what you will discover in the book…
•Golf swing – what to expect at intermediate level: biggest problems (such as the lack of consistency), intermediate level scores & fundamental aspects to consider
•Golf swing tips – these have been especially chosen for intermediate players, so that you are able to take your performance to the next level; they concern the pre-shot routine, visualization, alignment, course management etc.
•Mental training – if want to improve your golf swing, you need to train your mind, just as much as your body; discover the best strategies for mental training in this chapter.
•Key elements of a successful golf swing – light grip pressure, one piece takeaway, full shoulder turn etc.
•Advanced techniques – this chapter will teach you how to increase your driver distance
•How to fix swing faults – intermediate-level errors are presented in detail, along with the corresponding solutions
•Importance of posture – why bending at the hips is better than bending at the waist, how to position yourself correctly at address, importance of lower body positioning etc.
•And much more…
Use your book to refine your golf swing and impress everyone with your overall performance. Do not hesitate to go through all of the chapters and put the information included in them into practice. Also, if you have friends or relatives who share the same interests, make sure to recommend the book to them. Enjoy your read!

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