Golf swing Iron vs Driver Swing

Are the iron and the driver swing the same of different? In this video we discuss the keys between the two and why they should be different if you want to play your best golf. This video is featuring Gears Golf. We use Gears to measure what players are actually doing in the swing and use the data to help golfers of all ability levels.

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  1. Wow, this is an excellently technical view of the swing types. This really helps me understand and combat some of my issues. Thanks!

  2. Excellent video! Could you show how closed/open your stance should be for driver vs fairway wood vs long iron vs mid iron vs wedge? The follow on is how the different stances affect swing path, and how you work out how to get the correct stance – thanks!

  3. Looks like the drive is a mishit (sweet spot is below bottom of ball), right? I'd love to see a comparison like this for a top pro, like Jason Day.

  4. or maybe you could say driver and iron swing is same because the top of both clubs are pointing to outside of left hip. iron has more forward lean because the ball is further back.

  5. These golf swing secrets and techniques “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) go over the golf swing in great detail. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I have read 1/2 of this book and also the tips are excellent. I have scored 3 straight low 80s rounds right after reading this book.