Golf Swing Is Slowly Coming Together!!

Feeling really good after looking back at this range footage. swing is almost there when i focus on it. Now just needs to be ingrained over the coming months. Soon be back to lots of shorts game practice too.




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  1. Maybe there is a golf pro working at that range, who could give you a lesson? That might help your progress πŸ™‚

  2. ive noticed on a couple of swings your club face is pointing at the sky and its not square could this be an issue or do you know about it?

  3. Don't see why you're trying to keep that heel down? Would suggest getting a consistent routine with a coach if you haven't already. Keep up the good work though!

  4. Take a couple of days rest after deadlifts or squats.Your nervous system will thank you for it and you'll recover quicker

  5. How much short game practice are you getting in Harry? Wouldn't it be a good opportunity to do that when you're aching from the gym?

  6. My problem with swing changes is actually the opposite; I continue the exaggerations even after the change has started to feel "normal" so I pendulum too much the other direction.

    Best of luck! Some of those later wood swings looked very nice.