GOLF SWING LAG HAS 2 PENDULUMS! Shawn Clement Wisdom in Golf
Get his Amazing 2013 video series filmed and edited by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the Harvest Hill Golf Club in Buffalo New York; motion capture technology in 3D, animated ball flights, overhead cameras for draw and fade all available in full HD!
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The pendulum is now swinging in our favor; you can now fully engage into our instruction without any worries about if you are doing it right or not; free your swing and your mind! This video talks about the 2 pendulums in the golf swing on both the anatomical standpoint and the physics.

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  1. Have a look first at my "feet together drill" where I show you how your anatomy is already made to perform the task and how this drill will emphasize the turning and re-turning of the butt to catapult the ACU into a snap to the target. Then feel this in the one leg drill and see how the weight pressure inside the forward ankle throws the butt away from the target and catapults the ACU towards it. Now we can work on timing and sequence. Shawn

  2. Much appreciated Shawn, I will check those videos out. I was wondering do you have any videos on what a Bounce represents on the wedges for example my 48° PW has a 11 Bounce, what does bounce do and what is the appropriate or which should one choose, please. Cheers.

  3. Greeting from over sea, great teaching, love the game of golf once more , much thanks , u r #1

  4. There's always something in each of your videos that sparks a 'eureka' moment, and in this one it was tossing the weights. I'll keep that image in mind and let gravity take over. thanks again.

  5. Hi Shawn,

    there are a few things I´d really like to know. It seems that you are always assuming that during your tips the clubface is always square to the target and everything else is neutral like the swing plane for example. I haven´t seen all of your Videos, but I think it is problematic for example for someone who slices the Ball to practice to produce more
    lag. If the hands get too far in front of the Ball the clubface will be opened and the slice will get worse. What do you think?

  6. cool. golf swing which respects natural laws (f.i. gravity and mv=MV momentum) and human laws (f.i. no awareness during a quick movement, kinetic chains ). gabriele, italy

  7. from chris riddoch, the golf swing: 1) we achieve maximum clubhead speed through a passive wrist release 2) a passive wrist release also produces a square clubface impact. Any specific new/old drill Shawn? Gabriele, Italy

  8. shawn,
    thank you and keep the stuff coming. i'm a golf youtube junky. ive been watching bradly hughs' videos and liking them a lot. I'm wondering if you use flat lie angles and/or think its a good idea? believe the standard clubs now a days are more upright?

  9. I hear you there; it is like many of the "Golf Psychology" books and videos out there that won't make much of an impact if you do not have a clear picture and understanding of what you are doing as well as the inner wisdom which is the feel for the action you know produces a solid shot; when you have this feel, then it becomes a game of awareness and observations after each shot to a target: Did you experience that feel or not? If you don't know what it is supposed to feel like it is tough!

  10. Shawn-The extra force (or smash factor) is a combination of the arse swivelling back from right to left (for a righty) + the push off the ground by the legs/feet (after the left foot has braced the left leg firmly). However, why is it that your 5- iron can fly 200y & I can only send it 150y? If size or muscle or body doesnt matter, is it just b/c you can swivel back faster than I can? is this really the only difference in distance between me and you? (assume we are the same weight & height)

  11. This where the grip-club face relationship must be addressed; please see my "weak grip vs Strong grip shawn clement" video; squaring the face should never be manipulated! Shawn

  12. Hi Gabriele! Thank you for your comments; I have so many videos to help understand this and get the proper feel through the motion more importantly! See "Lag like a Battering Ram Shawn Clement""Hitting the ball is not your job shawn clement"part 1 and 2""Deep anchored lag shawn clement""fencing for power shawn clement" Farm Hammer shawn clement" and many more! Enjoy!

  13. No, not really, and Sean Foley goes along these lines as well…
    Here is what you need to get a proper fit: 1-you must have a focus and action towards a target that is consistent; if you release at the ball, your fit will look very upright as you will stop the rotation of the body and have to stand up; when you stand, you lift the heel of the club off the ground and you get a mark on the toe indicating you need more upright clubs; NOT GOOD!! See "sledge hammer golf shawn clement" video big time

  14. Hey Mark; the question is, do you feel the difference between "at the ball" vs "at the target"? Have you tried throwing the club? See "throwing the club shawn clement" and my latest "Lag and head position" where I show you a stepping stone to the throw; if you are able to throw like I show you in the video, then you are at the target; if your throw goes behind you or backwards, you are throwing at the ball and sapping 30 yards off your shots; Make sure you find a VERY SAFE PLACE!! Shawn

  15. gold…you're not the number one instructor on youtube for nothing, everything you say makes perfect sense. it wasn't until i was willing to give up the idea of striving for a perfect looking text book positional swing and actually have a go at your swing philosophy that I started to really kill the ball at the range, looking forward to many happy years in the future studying and applying your techniques. bought your dvds and loved them by the way 🙂

  16. I am letting gravity do the work and getting used to the feel. I'm hitting my irons (straight and high) 85-90% of my arm swing distance which is amazing considering how easy it feels. When I try for more distance by rotating my body axis, however, I top the ball. Also, my driver and fairway woods slice. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  17. Hi Shawn, When I try to turbo charge by using the legs, my consistency suffers. How does one best graduate from where the club is releasing itself without any turbocharge…just the fall to where the legs turbocharge so that the arms fall much faster and still the club is releasing itself? When I am trying to use my legs to create power, I end up using arms and shoulders and get ahead of the ball.

  18. Shawn, your analogies are genius. Really takes a lot of the mind cluttering "mechanics instructions" out of the picture.

  19. I have been playing for 18 years and have a 7 HDCP. I have been hitting at the ball for all 18 and haven't had much distance. I have finally figured out what everyone means by releasing past the ball and the feel of it. I have been releasing into the ball not past it. Now that I hold off the release I feel the effortless POWER AND ACCURACY! I'm glad I found this video cause it's the best explanation I have ever seen.

  20. Outstanding. Had i seen and digested this instructional video, I might have been able to avoid one shoulder surgery (impingement syndrome) and the onset of brachial neuritis. Both on the right.
    Will take these concepts to the range and try to get rid of my hitting the ball with right shoulder energy and crunching the grip at impact (yeas of karate).

  21. Hi Shawn,

    I'm a new Premium Member to your WIG site. I've just started employing your teachings in the few times I've been able to get out to play in the last couple of weeks and I was wondering what kind of "misses" I can expect when I play. So far, I've been topping the ball occasionally when letting my body react to the weight of the ACU. I guess I must be mistiming the push off the ground during the through-swing. Is that a typical result that I can expect until I get this move down?

    Thanks for your great videos!

  22. Been a member and have your videos – this lesson is the best as it touches, albeit briefly, so well on casting. ( I don't feel I come over the top but I do cast early and lose that angle). I never seem to have the strength to hold the club in that 'drop' the club in front of you bit and I feel the head of the club weight drop away. (as do a lot of the women players at my club). However the fencing video and this one have helped enormously to get my head around the problem. Thank you.