Golf Swing Lag Lesson To Stop Sabotaging Your Lag And Get More Easy Power

Get more lag in your golf swing.
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Alex Fortey is with Shawn Clement of Wisdom in and sharing how you can get more lag and power in your golf swing. How most of you are going about increasing lag is actually killing your golf swing and speed.

When you understand exactly how to do it, you will be amazed at the consistency you get in your golf swing and also more power and compression in your golf shot. We have put together a remarkable and revolutionary series that is called The Senior Golf Swing and it’s how to play your best golf with a perfect golf swing designed for you and your body as a human.

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  1. Brilliant video. I am a regular viewer of yours and Shawn's channels. I am left handed but play golf right handed. I have always been a bit confused as to which hand I should treat as dominant. I can go to the range tomorrow with this video in mind. Thank you. Maybe you can help with this poser. As I am left handed my dominant eye is also the left one. Therefore what would you suggest I focus my eyes on when addressing the ball, any ideas?

  2. Thumbs up!!…I get to the same place by feeling like my hands are neutral until the moment of impact….Otherwise, my dominate right hand likes to take control of the downswing….(You can guess the results…lol)

    It's a feeling of the arms working together softly, in unison with the feet and the torso, guiding the butt end of the club down toward the ball and into the release postion…. Tempo and Rhythm are key.

    You guys are absolutely correct about the grip….Understanding how your fundamentals translate to your personal swing is a game changer.

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