Golf Swing Lag

Using gears golf 3d motion analysis we take a look at the “hub” or hand path of an elite players golf swing. The shape of this hub determines how much energy you can transfer into the golf ball and how much “lag” you can create and release.

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  1. Are you able to produce a hand path trace for a view that it normal to the swing plane? I know that the golf swing changes plane (if you looked at Left Forearm Flying Wedge as explained by TGM instructors). I think this face-on view is an optical illusion especially if the plane (formed by the front of the left forearm and clubshaft) is shallowing out in the downswing.

  2. More people need to be taught to keep the hand path wide in the downswing… I was never taught that and now that I know it my ballstriking has improved dramatically almost overnight