Golf Swing Lateral Motion: Pros vs Ams

In this video we look at the key differences in the way that pro’s and amateurs move the center of the torso and the center of the pelvis throughout the golf swing.

What we have found in our 3D research is that the classic “reverse k” set-up is not something the best players in the world employ. Also, for the professional, during the downswing, the torso remains on top of the pelvis (or even gets in front of the pelvis) until the hands reach around waist high. At this point the high level player pushes hard with the lead side which causes the pelvis to finally shift out in front of the torso.

We believe that over the years for golf instruction (for the sake of simplicity) has taken the static position of impact and tried to employ it in the swing via the reverse K set up and keeping the torso behind the pelvis during the entire motion. The problem with this is that it can cause a severe in-to-out swing direction and a reduction in ground force production as the player is not able to push as hard with his lead side late in the downswing (as it would cause him to topple over).
This has caused countless (better players especially) to struggle with hooking and pushing the ball.

Now we have all seen the chronic slicer who has benefitted from some “reverse k” feeling in their swing especially if they have the upper body well to the left of the pelvis at the top of the swing, but in this video series we are highlighting the lower handicapper amateur who is trying to take their game to the next level.

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  1. interesting video – would you by any chance have couple more pro swings to compare – perhaps those who are known to have less orthodox swings?

  2. So glad to hear you say in the pro swing the upper body has a movement that moves outside the lower body. I've been looking for someone to prove my point on the subject. as you have there is science to explain why it happens…Btw it does it in the backswing as well and it will NOT effect the ability to shift weight; actually it allows the weight shift to better match your breathing rhythm….. good job!!!!!!!

  3. correction I call it the middle body I see the golf swing break down as the UPPER, MIDDLE AND LOWER BODIES from there i just connect the movements together. …..

  4. Sorry Shaun, but supposedly the perfect swing ie. Tiger Woods shows, as do the vast majority of not only Pro's but good amateurs, that they keep the sternum behind the c.o.g (just below the navel) throughout the swing

  5. Does swing speed make a difference? The pros may be able to get away with this due to high swing speeds.

  6. The main difference isnt the swing action but ams have been led astray….Ben Hogan's secret is the legs. In his 5 lessons he said it best….but also the hardest thing to do for non-pros. He said he turns around his spine but once he gets to the top, he wrote he "forgets" the arms.

    Ams are arm dominant as hell.

  7. looks like the pros still are creating the reverse k @2:37. maybe the amateur was swaying off the ball instead of rotating?

  8. could you guys do a video on , swing arc and optimum impact point, and finding the right club to ball placement space

  9. Nice and simple video guys! Have been trying to achieve and work the reverse k for ages and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Will give this a go from now on!

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