Golf Swing Lesson Swing Plane Mark Crossfield shows you how to improve your swing plane with a simple golf drill. Play better golf with the internet golf professional for less money. Good Swing play is a key to striaght well struck golf shots.

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  1. The pro I go see has me put a club a foot or so behind the ball so on my take away I take it back along the club for basically the same thing your teaching here

  2. Hey Mark, love the videos, the reviews are great and the tips are very useful. I wondered if you wouldn't mind taking a look at my swing. I have an iron and driver swing of mine posted on my channel.

    thank you sir, keep doing what you're doing.

  3. Mark a super easy drill to follow drill which really explains the proper swing plane.
    love the videos keep up the good work. PS give P. Harrington a call he could use a good swing coach to keep things simple at the moment.

  4. Hi Mark, many thanks mate – this has been THE tip for me, helping me finally develop a consistent swing with all my clubs. Now I'm just thinking about my backswing, and everything else takes care of itself it seems! You sir, are a legend!

  5. I'm pretty sure I have this flat swing problem it's from trying hit that draw and not a slice. I think it is now causing me a lot of problems, the over top with the driver pushes hooks and had that overly strong grip. I think this might help me get through the swing better which I've been struggling with . Thanks again mark can't wait to start working on this .

  6. An excellent drill! This is something I am constantly struggling with, and you are right, no matter how far inside I take it back on the backswing, thinking I can some how keep it there on the down swing, I always end up rerouting the club up and over the plane coming down. This looks like a great way to help me take it back properly. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks.

  7. Of all your vids on backswing,takeaway etc…this is the best and simplest drill…thanks Mark!

  8. mark that first person camera is pretty nice. i would love to be able to see when your going to be about to hit the ball from that camera

  9. This book "decoding the golf swing plane" explains it all. The reason an inside takeaway is a bad idea is that it changes the golfer's posture. Eventually the club will move above the shaft plane anyway.

  10. one of the easiest ways to great golf…………..changes the flight to high and penetrating, brilliant tip and drill