Golf Swing made simple

This video highlights the simplicity of the golf swing in a simple format for beginners or a refresher for a more experienced player.
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  1. Hi Steve
    I've been watching your training videos for the past month and I think your teaching approach is just great! I've subscribed and will continue to look out for them. Can you do a video on how to hit the ball above or below your feet?

  2. Probably the best explanation Iโ€™ve seen on simplicity of the golf swing and Iโ€™ve watched about a million on here ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  3. Hi Steve, as it is now coming in to the winter months, any chance you could do a video of tips for playing in wet/winter conditions? Mainly around how you have to approach shots/lies differently if possible

  4. Great instruction. Over the years I have totally confused myself with different swings etc. This puts me back to basics and on course again. Many thanks Steve.

  5. Beautifully simple explanation of the golf swing Steve and a great lesson for all levels of ability. I love that snap too as you strike the ball… cheers

  6. You could usefully add that the shoulders actually control this movement, from someone who has struggled with hands and arms taking over control with a resultant flip at the ball. All I now do is concentrate on the connection of arms and body controlling the swing, hands and arms have to follow. Just a thought. Your site is already a must see!

  7. Hello Steve, well done, as usual. One of the best explanations I have seen, and very beneficial in understanding getting on plane. If i was starting out in golf or even a few years playing, your demonstration in this video would have helped immensely-it also serves as a great drill to start with when practicing. However, It would have been nice to see a demonstration as to how the upper arms relate to the body in the take away, and especially with respect to the folding right elbow during the back swing and more emphasis on forearm rotation throughout. Thank you, very grateful for your instructions.