Golf Swing Myth Hitting Down

We’ve heard it time and time again… “you must hit down on the ball to get it to go up.”

Let’s actually take a closer look to see if that is actually the case.

And more importantly, if that is something you should actually trying to do.

The answer might just surprise you!

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  1. So what's the feeling you should have doing this, should you still feel like your hitting down but your hands will come due to the club releasing? Or do you feel like your swing up but because your on top of the ball the ball just just gets in the way? Thanks

  2. The myth was a downward strike. I agree the hands are going up but the hands going up will make the club go down and hit a nice shallow divot. My question is how have you busted the myth that the iron is coming down at the ball?

  3. You discuss about the hand and the butt end of the club. These parts don't hit the ball. If you look at the face of the club, it hits the ball during downright blow ( assuming you maintain the lag ). Even I can see it from your video. It is not a myth

  4. Interesting to watch this player's hands through and post impact. 'Looks' to me that he is actually getting a bit of an old time hands release with them turning over quite noticeably. With the 'new' swings in the 'marketplace' we are lead to believe that the body is squaring the club into and through impact and the hands almost hold off a little. Or am I mistaken?

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