Golf Swing Path Plane Drill

Have you had trouble getting your golf club on plane. Well, the proper path is within your grasp QUICK, with this easy to do drill.

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  1. Where have you been bobby? A man of your age can’t go disappearing for months on end… we begin to think the worst 😂

    My favourite of your videos (and probably ones which you have in abundance) are ones which contain a swing you’ve been sent and we see the diagnosing of swing faults and the prescribing of drills to fix those faults. I find it much more informative to see issues and fixes first hand, it may also be an idea to show any follow ups and how the drill has helped the individual. Just a thought! Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help!

  2. Bobby – When you use the term “drop the arms” does that mean the arms move from the top of the backswing simply by the momentum of gravity, or is the there some degree of force (pulling motion) that starts the downswing? Thank you.