Golf Swing: Pitching From Tight Lies

Pitching off firm, tight lies can magnify even the slightest bit of leading edge as the club approaches the golf ball. Hitting a successful pitch from that lie can be difficult for golfers at every skill level.

As Scott Hamilton demonstrates in this video, the ticket can be in how position the club shaft at the start of the down swing. We see so many golfers trying to play this shot from a “hands in, club out” position. The problem with that is it virtually eliminates you chance of using enough bounce, and pretty much guarantees you’ll be coming into the ball with that sharp leading edge leading the parade.

If this shot has been a tough one for you to play consistently… get yourself a small wooden dowel and give what Scott is describing a try. Hopefully you’ll start hitting it closer to the hole! Let us know how it works for you.

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