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Good Golf Practice session today with Harry Konig AKA The Creature! Long Game and short game practice. Filmed a Par 18 Challenge which will be going up tomorrow evening!




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  1. Good to see you out practicing would have been nice to see your shots on the range with shot tracer and also what your working on and why cheers

  2. Do you not think you take the club back way to far on the inside promoting that inconsistant path you have ? just a though pal

  3. Harry the pace of your swing is better and slower in the range than on the course. Still bit closed at the top due to hou trying to draw your shots all the time. But mate its really looking good. Try hitting a few fades now and then it will keep the plane of your swing better and more consistent overall. Top work guys.

  4. Guys… quick tip on your golf ball alignment… you checked your feet / body alignment and you find a marker in the distance. That's not where the club face is aiming or where it'll go. The ball and clubface will be or should be aimed parallel to that and in the distance I would say somewhere just on the left side of the power pilon. To help, put an alignment stick or something a foot or two ahead of the ball … that'll tell you in the distance where the ball will be aiming.

    Good session though guys. 👍👍👍

  5. I've seen your videos for a while and I think it would help you if your got your aim more straight. Not just the position of your feet, but also knees, hips and shoulders. When your aim is closed to path, you will find it easier to swing the club inside, which cause a flip of the wrist at impact and huge misses in both left and right side. Try to get a feel for the path of the club. The hardest shot in golf is the straight one. If you can hit any types of shots on the course, you will have a lot more opportunities for being more consistent.

    Good luck in the upcoming season

  6. Everyone is an expert here hey?😉 loving what you do. I get inspired by anyone who is brave enough to live their dream. I will enjoy watching the rest of your journey.