Golf Swing: Reduce Your Handicap (Golf Swing, Golf Clubs, Golf Advice, PGA)

If you have ever watched a PGA golf tournament, then you have had the priviledge of seeing what a perfect golf swing should look and sound like. We all want to have more power in our golf swing. Want to see that ball go sailing off the tee straight down the fairway a couple hundred yards? Now of course, we’ve all seen someone consistently do that at a golf course on a Sunday afternoon. And so effortlessly, just like the club was slicing through butter. What do these people with the perfect golf swing have that we don’t? Is it speed, strength, or a better driver? Chances are none of the above. What they have mastered is their golf swing mechanics and I’m here to help you master yours too.

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  1. This was a big little book for me, and I found it really well explained, and the images provided in the book made it even easier to understand the written explanations. I loved the fact that the author didn’t just show the right golf swing, he eve went into how to do a “bad golf swing”. This twist is a good one, because first you will understand all of the negatives with different bad swings, and then you will start to appreciate how much easier your golf tours and trainings will be…