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Golf swing release and squaring the club face. In this weeks Impact Show Piers and Andy discuss the release and give you a drill to help square the club face and stop your slice.
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Patrick D. Clark says:

Love the videos – easy to follow and they keep the training in simple easy to follow steps.

Chris mcneil says:

Nice tip – I'm going to use it in the opposite sense – I shut the face too much.

matthew orge says:

Great vid.
I seem to be hitting a 20-30 yard draw but only with my driver. My grip is neutral and it's only with my driver. If I move the ball position back with the driver it goes straight.
My teacher was saying I may be releasing too early or shutting the face. Can you suggest anything?

nelsdawgy says:

I was just having this problem practicing in the range. Gonna try this out. Let you know how it goes :)

Emil Hamady says:

My 3 wood off the deck leaks out to the right and I can feel that the clubface is slightly open at impact. I'm going to try this drill on the range and it should help to square it up. Thanks guys!

jamie bennett says:

I am really struggling with slicing but I've watched a fair few videos and I've got a few things to try…keep up the good work lads

Golf Socks says:

Watching from NZ and wanted to comment on the awesome stuff you guys put out. This video in particular, has helped a lot; thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Denny Law says:

Terrible shot and how you can TEACH others is beyond me.

Siyanadi Shanna says:

here's a few suggestions for ways to improve your golfKeep fitPosition your feet correctlyLearn the correct body posture(I discovered these and the reasons they work from Gavs golf tactic website )

Mark Greer says:

Golf sucks. Not fun. Waste of time. Selling my clubs.

paul Odene says:

as a professional golfer that has made mad money golfing on my local abs I can say this drill is fantastico

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