Golf Swing Sequence, Arms First feel NOT Torso First! With Tony Luczak, PGA

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  1. This is so opposite the modern swing theory. Hogan. Golf Machine. O'Grady. Harmon. Everyone except Jim Flick, that I can think of.

  2. Brendon, you asked IMO a great question. Where do you swing the arms? I feel like Tony sidestepped the question and didn’t really answer the question. What is the intent when you swing your arms? Y’all did great on talking about separating the arms from the shoulder joint and the turn, but I’m afraid your very valid question was ignored. That is something I’m working on in my swing so when I heard you ask it, my ears perked up like a dog. Ask Tony again and see what he says. I would add to the question- where are you swinging the arms and/or what is the correct hand path for a stock shot? Get him to answer the question. Where is the intent when you swing the right arm? Is it at the ball, beyond the ball (kind of Bobby clamper aiming point style), or what?

  3. Just today, I got to talking with a guy at the Don Knabe driving range in Norwalk Ca. He was piping his nine iron straight down the range, after talking a little we realized we were both following you and Tony on Youtube. He was 5 months into golfing, I'm about 8 (long) months in. His comment was " I think I finally got it". You guys are out there, helping us beginners!
    BTW, I had my "pause n throw". Big thanks to you both.

  4. Funny enough when I first learned to play I was “feeling” a lot of arms and in particular the right one way back when. Got down to consistently scoring in the mid 70s. Then all I heard was legs, hips, etc…so I worked on that forever and sadly never was as consistent at scoring mid 70s for the last few years. I said F it I’m going to do go back to the arms feeling again and played really well last few times. This validates it.

  5. Brendon should look closely at bubba watson's takeway. He's got both arms locked all the way up to chest level. That means he is really winding his body up. Brendon breaks his right arm the instant he takes the club back. That is a …."fake position".

  6. Very apropos….played today for the first time in 3 weeks. At the school, when I hit my best shots, I had the sensation that my hands were somehow disembodied from my arms, and that if I moved my hands correctly into the ball, I would flush it. Today, I hit it fine warming up, but out on the course, particularly early on, I was hitting a lot of pulls, and I know it was the right shoulder taking over again. I looked up some Bender videos, and he advocates the same motion – the sensation that the arms move while the torso stays in place. In a real swing, of course this doesn't happen, but the big thing is not to get the shoulders involved too early in a spinning motion.

  7. Hi Brendan, I think a good tip you could broadcast for those who have difficulty distinguishing between the arms and torso would to be an emphasis on the movement of the right elbow. For a lot of golfers (myself included for a while), we fail to separate the two movements because we are not sure which part of the arm can initiate the independent movement. I've found that if my first move is to drive my right elbow into my belt buckle, that it allows my right arm to move independently from my torso and can create that desired sequence/plane. Often times when viewers hear "right arm" they think of the movement of the entire arm occurring at the same time, when in reality the right elbow is the key piece that needs to be put in place for a good swing plane.