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Golf Swing Sequence Part 1 – The One Piece Takeaway

Golf One Piece Takeaway – start your golf swing correctly.
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If you can start each swing along the right path, keeping the club in a good position early on, there’s a much greater chance that the rest of your backswing will follow that good path — and that in turn will promote a good downswing and a solid, straight strike on the golf ball.

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ZombieDave2 says:

Excellent series of videos, very well explained.

donny k says:

AGREED!!! see the club face's angle is same like spine angle is cool :)

Pete Styles says:

Glad you liked this video, Thanks.
Please check out free-online-golf-tips for more.
Regards Pete

Michael Ross Sr says:

great advice I saw my errors on my takeaway thanks

Kenneth Holmes says:

Firm grip? I find light grip better,
At 82 years of age,
I feel more, flexible,

malelee21 says:

Awesome video…. very helpful.

noiseassembly says:

I love this lesson! Thank you!

Anonymous says:

Great, I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

Anonymous says:

That's Great Michael I hope you keep improving.

Anonymous says:

Cheers for the feedback!

Anonymous says:

Great, I'm pleased you enjoyed it.

Anonymous says:

Thanks Robert, My name is Pete Styles from Manchester in the UK

Anonymous says:

Great, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. Thanks for the feedback

Anonymous says:

Glad you liked that bit!

Billy C says:

Thanks for these videos Pete. They really helped me also and I look forward to more great instruction.

Thumper15 says:

Pete, saw you on a course vlog with Rick Shiels and 2 other pros…I was impressed with your game and thought I'd check out your instruction videoes. WOW!  without doubt the most concise step by step instruction I've seen!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

engity4645 says:

I've always struggled with moving away or swaying away from the ball on the takeaway and I've found that imagining my hips pushing forward while im taking the club back and concentrating on keeping my spine/head in the same alignment helps get me wound nicely around my axis of rotation and ample space to pull my hands into the slot

Dean Potter says:

Brilliant instruction, these tips have helped so much to reduce my handicap as a better golfer

Phil Md says:

Thx Pete. This one lil tidbit really helped my backswing and improved my ball striking consistency.

Asim Khan says:

Thank you very much, your lesson has fixed my swing and i am just smoking the ball. My takeaway was very very faulty but now its on the right track. Once again, thank you very much. 

HR says:

Thanks Pete Due to a combination of you videos my swing and golf in general have improved by 8 shots on average and I'm still improving  Thanks again

Andrew Coffin says:

You fixed my swing! Thank you so much!

Johnnie Vee says:

Great instruction style. Add one more subscriber who will spread the word. Thanks!

MC Chai says:

you are the best teacher Pete, thanks

green Pen says:

One of the most useful videos I have seen as a beginner

Nicolas Darmanin says:

These are the most clear videos out there…thank you very much!

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