Golf Swing Slow Motion Drill

Slow down your swing to get a better feeling for what you want to do

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  1. Thanks for your reply Steven,

    Ah, I have to work hard for my Golf Swing. I can only get 140yds with my 7 iron. And I'm not satisfied with it… driver only 210 yrds or less. I think your tip will me a bit…

  2. I'm having trouble bringing my club back. I bring the club about 3/4 of the way back. Then I BURST into my backswing causing me to either pullup, or hook the ball BADLY. I try to turn my shoulders and hips, but now I'm pulling up and missing the ball. I don't want to quit golf, but I'm starting to NOT have fun…any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  3. @McDanielGolf the 5% swing literally looked actually slow motion until u hit the ball thats a great drill man love the swing

  4. Harvey Penick says if you think you are doing this drill to slowly, slow it down even more. It's very effective. I can personally say The Little Red Book and the slow motion drill changed my game. The key is as Harvey says, don't do anything with your hands.

  5. A very text book swing but you can not hit the ball swinging that slow as his 5% swing showed. Watch it again but watch the ball this time (he duffs it) SO! is the 5% swing correct NO!! A better way to practice your swing is to take five balls and slow the swing down to 70% with your feet together. This will keep your balance and by keeping your head on the ball is the most important thing. Individuals are all different, you should not be copying someone else's swing FIND YOUR OWN!!

  6. I love this drill. I actually gained distance on the course trying to copy the slow motion drill from practice. Once the club is set at the top the first move is imagining there is a string attached from my left hip to the butt of the club. So the move is from the ground up. This helped me tremendously clear my hips and eli minate snap hooks off the tee.Doing this slow motion drill with that swing thought keeps the club on plane and natural lag without thinking about it. Do it in front of a mirror and slow it down to 1/8/ speed. It works.

  7. Ok. A few things wrong with this clip.

    A.) The point of a video self check of your swing isn't about the speed that you swing, its about your consistency of motion. Slowing down your speed isn't natural. Your speed, no matter what the shot has to be consistent. The angle of the backswing is important, not the speed of the swing.

    You make 3 swings at varying backswing angles and then watch the video and see how your body moves during each swing. is my speed consistent? Are my wrists bending/breaking too early or late? Are my knees properly bent? Ask yourself these and other questions about your form and technique and THEN critique after the video then improve upon what you see.

    B.) The camera quality needs to be decent or you wont see subtleties like wrist bend or knee bends.

    I took a really amazing course for golf in College. Got an A. I remember it so well because we were taught by a local pro who had played professionally for almost 5 years and decided to teach at the college. He said I had amazing form, and that boosted my confidence. My trouble was my swing speed and putting too much power  into my swing. Once I slowed down and gained more consistency I did far better swings.

  8. True. Love this. Most people have no idea where they are at any point of the downswing… And they have been taught such crazy ideas of delivering the club to the ball they would most likely miss it in slow motion.

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