Golf swing speed and more power in your golf swing with this feel and get a simple golf swing series for more power consistency and lower scores.

In this golf lesson, Alex Fortey from The art of Simple Golf shares a simple golf swing instruction tip to get more golf swing speed and golf power. All you need do is pull up through impact.

The feel is to have the butt end of the golf club extend past your hip and feel like velocity is pulling the grip end of the club up.

Use the lower body and natural sequence to make it happen. Instincts when you focus and release to the target is crucial to enable this to occur. To have a good golf swing you need. Stability, balance, natural mechanics, simple thoughts. And when you use velocity, sequence and use the ground correctly in the golf swing you can achieve all of these a lot easier. Come and learn more and see our resources to help you increase your distances, improve consistency and lower golf scores here

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  1. Hey Alex really like the idea of that tip but confused as to exactly what way to pull handle up, cheers for vids, refreshing to have really simple ideas

  2. The red and green impact lines were a nice holiday touch. Best to you Alex and thanks for all the great tips. Fortissimo!