Golf Swing Spine Angle and Swing Plane

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Golf Swing Spine Angle and Swing Plane with MarkCrossfield. Mark helps more iPhone app golfers with his golfing fix and easy to follow golf video lessons. This instructional video talks about posture and the affects it has on your swing plane. Swing plane is a key factor to hitting good straight and powerful golf shots. Stand to the golf ball with a PGA tour style posture to make sure you are hitting your best golf shots. Cure your slice with good swing plane and a balanced golf swing.

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  1. Hi Mark.. your videos on club reviews and swing fixes are always fun to watch..thanks..Im no expert but I feel that in this Video – you are maintain the spine angle even after the extension (post impact)..doesnt that put a lot of unnecessary stress on the back..shouldnt one rather finish in a more upright position?

  2. Hi Mark… Can't get enough of your vids. They're superb. Smart, informative and, you young man are very engaging. Love your on-course vids too. Invite me to play please, or come to Beijing for a round or too. Cheers, B

  3. Great video, this is exactly my problem. Easy to understand and simple explanations on what to practice. Thanks Mark!

  4. Gotta love how Mark explains the topisk so annonce Can understand them!! Thank you Marc

  5. Damn the autocorrect!! 😀 Gotta love how Mark explains the topics so anyone can understand them!! Thank you Mark

  6. Great video, this is what I have been doing to a slightly less degree, I am going to get going on the drill straight away. Keep up the good work!! Wish my pro could have helped this much

  7. Mark – from all the golfers out there who struggle on a daily basis but desperately want to improve thank you for all your efforts and lessons. They have helped me get from a 21 handicap last year down to currently 10. Once again this video has helped me, particularly belt buckle to ball so simple and so easy to understand. Hopefully can break single figures next year. Cheers Mark !!

  8. my pro teacher is telling me to stay away from your lessons while Im learning from her, is she right or wrong, I feel I get more info from your channel though

  9. hi mark this exact what my pro was showing me last week keeping your spine angle he played twice in the british open twice once jack nicklaus was the four ball in front the great john jacobs tought my pro 

  10. Hi Mark, play off 4-7 for last 30 years, been struggling with standing up during the downswing (losing the my spine angle) leading to very inconsistent golf. Often getting trapped (hands behind my body) leading to big blocks are big hooks. your video really resonated with me. Weight on balls of feet not heels at address, shoulders in front of toes, pelvis towards the ball. On the downswing moving weight into left heel, making sure my right knee does not go towards the ball by but moves down the target line. Getting that right butt cheek up and away from the ball. Feels great and more solid. THANK YOU.

  11. Great video, I was standing too tall and falling back on the down swing.. These swing thoughts really helped me today. I hit the ball farther off the tee and I had a consistent right to left ball flight and my trajectory was much higher, and my divots were much shallower than before. I felt like the club was traveling more along the ground or shallower into impact. It takes a bit to get used to. It almost feels like your chest is going to slam into the ground , but trust me it does not. On the back swing with this kind of set up, it feels much easier to load into my right hip and have my weight moving into my right heel, then making the transition into the back of my left heel into my finish. I'm a good player 4 HCP. Today I felt like I was scratch. Thanks Mark for the great advise..

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