Golf Swing: Staying Down Through Impact
Sean Casey, PGA Teacher of the Year and Golf Digest Top 4 Teachers in Canada discusses two things that will surely help you stay down through impact and hit the ball more solid.

First off, it is essential that you have clubs that fit you. The length and lie angle largely influence the swing you will make. Golfers will adjust their body position during the swing to adapt to clubs that are incorrectly fit.

Second, it is important to develop a set up that will allow you to return the club to the impact zone without having to excessively adjust your body position. In other words, your arms need adequate space to release the club and return to a similar position at impact as they were in at set up. If your arms hang straight down in set up, you’ll have to stand up prior to impact in order to have room to get your arms in-line with the club shaft at impact, something that happens automatically with the centrifugal effect in the downswing.

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  1. after trying a bunch of drills to correct this problem you have fixed my swings major flaw.  THANK YOU!