Golf swing – stop swinging over the top. In this video Piers and Andy talk about the over the top swing fault and show you one of the biggest causes.
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  1. Went out to the range today to try this out and I can honestly say I have never hit so many straight balls. I usually have a bad slice most of the time but my slice only came back as my back began to hurt and my form got sloppy. Still have a lot to work on and hitting consistent shots but this was a great start!

  2. This is a great video! I love the visuals lines given to demonstrate the lateral movement. Too bad I'm in Chicago and won't be able to work on it on the course for a few months! Look forward to viewing more

  3. I hook the ball very badly, it's to the point it doesn't just slightly curve but it actually starts to go horizontally and only about 100 yards. I used to hit about 300 straight as an arrow. I've seen your videos and they seem to help a little bit but I still hook. I have a stiff shaft, would I need to get a xstiff of regular or are there any drills to help?

  4. Early in the season I tend to shank irons – especially on a full swing. I know my issue is starting my downswing with my torso or upper body which puts my club outside the ball – introducing the hosel of the club. In my mind, I am trying to concentrate on leading with my lower body as well as keeping my hands quiet. Could it also be that I stand too close to the ball? What other drills could I do?

  5. Great video, easily explained ,started hitting driver high straight left could over the top be causing it? Normally very good with driver ,scratch golfer but this shot killing me 4or 5 times a round!

  6. This is what I have been working on. I have a hard time when I actually tee up the shot when i'm playing. I sometimes don't move my lower body and hit a nasty pulled hook. I have been really slowing down my swing and been trying my best. Can you please give a us a drill how to practice the lower body right before you start your downswing? Thanks for the awesome videos, they really help a ton!

  7. I always feel the slice comes from doing the opposite of over the top if that makes sense. So I will subconsciously move more and more over the top to try and fix it and it makes everything worse. This is difficult to train yourself to do. Are there any drills for this?

  8. I am going through all your videos which are related to the down swing (all great) but this one stands out for me as being very helpful in fixing my over the top downswing, as you mentioned in the video, many people know they have the problem, but not sure how to fix it, or have been trying to fix it incorrectly. Keep up the great videos, you have won me as a fan :)…Pete (Australia)

  9. My OTT swing is driving me crazy. It leads to so many pulls (with wedges and short irons) and shanks (with mid irons). I believe you guys hit the nail on the head with this video. My hips rotate too fast (with little lateral movement) and I'm left to compensate by also releasing the club early, which I find is closely associated with a OTT swing. I enjoy your videos very much and you guys simplify everything! Is there a drill that I can try to get my hips to move laterally before rotating? Thanks and keep up the great work!!