Golf Swing Test – Fast Swing VS Smooth Swing – Whats The Difference?

This video I test the difference between a fast golf swing against a smooth swing to see whats happens to strike, ball flight, distance and accuracy as well as feel to me.

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  1. Right out of the gate you should have two different people for this… one fast and yourself smooth… You trying to swing fast is quite painful to watch.. Cheers

  2. Think we can all be guilty of trying to smack the arse off it at time so this video just shows what a difference it can make by keeping it smooth. Good video Michael

  3. Thanks for an interesting Vid Mike. I have always found that when I try to force a long one, that I invariably knob it! But if I just commit to the shot and concentrate on completing my follow through the strike is much better?

  4. Interesting video Michael, I tend to swing fast when I'm tired, which can ruin my round and even though I know this I can't control it. Any video fix. Matt.

  5. Even with you "going at it" your tempo is a dream. What would you say enables you to swing a smooth 7-iron at 95mph when a lot of amateurs struggle to swing their driver that fast? Also, I expected that little expulsion at 4.31 to add a lot of speed!

  6. An interesting note, one of your slower swings 94.9 produced a 130.0 ball speed your first fast swing at 97.9 produced 130.3 ball speed very telling how strike overrides everything.

  7. jamie sadlowski 148mph swing speed..but most tour players that win are around 120mph..depends on you and your technique..but anyone swings faster they will gain 2-4 mph..dont bother..we were told in the john daly days 125mph it was coz he was big..well jamie is skinny and hits it further..

  8. 101mph with a 7-iron, wowser. That's about 10mph faster than the PGA Tour average. You've got some pace Michael. Even your 95mph "stock" swing is faster than tour average, but looks smooth and nonchalant to the eye. I think when most golfers are swinging "too hard" they actually aren't swinging faster, they are really just swinging with more tension. When I'm swinging loose and free my 7 iron speed is just under 90mph, but then when I purposely try to swing "harder" it usually drops to 85mph or below because I also tend to tense up and get out of sequence or catch the ball heavy.

  9. If you are between clubs is it better to hit a longer club smoother than hit a shorter club hard?

  10. Hi thanks for the ping i500 head to head. Now on this video what about shortening the back swing and swing harder and faster, a of a hit than a swing.

  11. When you go for it, it still looks smooth. I lose control when I swing too fast – good vid👍