Golf Swing: The X-Factor I

Every golfer wants to hit the ball farther. That’s what this vook is all about! Maximize your shoulder turn and control your hip turn…and you create a big X. Jim McLean, one of today’s top teachers, brings you his original research on how to reach your maximum X. There are 16 instructional videos, and then there’s ‘The X-Factor’.

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  1. The best book I have read on the long game. I have read several books on golf and the golf swing and this is the best describing the long game. If you want to know how to generate power in the swing, this is the book. Most golf instruction books, videos and television shows describe the golf swing as unusual, unnatural and not anything like other sports. Jim McLean shows how the golf swing is very similar to other sports and imitates common athletic moves. After I read this book I was able to put Jim’s concept of the X-Factor to…