Golf Swing Tip For Power and Consistency – Right Shoulder Under

The Right Shoulder Under drill is a great way to feel a powerful consistent golf swing. Many of you struggle with coming over the top which causes swing faults like the slice or in the vain hope of increasing your distance, you spin the hips open and this golf swing tip for more power and consistency is just part of the athletic golf training model to build a great golf swing.

(if you are right handed) You simply need to place your left hand on the top of club, say a 6 iron. The golf club needs to be pointing upright meaning it’s not on you address angle.

From here I want you to hinge your right arm at the elbow directly in front of you.

Now make your turn in the backswing, winding up well with the shoulders and sitting into the hips nicely. From here, instead of spinning out like so many of you do, I want you to move through to the impact position, keeping the left arm in place.

This is where the “right shoulder under” title for this drill makes sense.

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  1. I think this may be the problem I'm having with my driver.I can hit every other club in my bag except the driver any distance. I believe I'm turning "flat" with my shoulders. It should be right shoulder down for a driver too, Right?