Golf Swing Tip To Improve Your Angle Of Attack & Master Your Ball Striking!

Strike your irons pure and strike the ball before the turf using this great swing tip to improve your angle of attack.

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  1. As a single digit handicap, when my shots start getting thin with little turf interaction on my scoring irons, I tend to focus on my left shoulder and making sure its working down and not around during the takeaway. Low point is very much controlled by my swing arc and being conscious of working the body under and not flat and around.

  2. Great tip! I’m a 14.4 index trying hard to improve my game with consistency of mechanics. Yesterday shot a surprising 93 when I’m usually in the mid-to-high 80s. While some of that was strategic mistakes (wrong club selection), I counted 5 thin iron strikes that left me with demanding chips to hope for a par or bogey saving putt. I’m off to the range with this to see if I can get it into my thick brain before another round tomorrow.