Golf Swing Tips: Chest rotation and flexing the left hand
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  1. OMG GG you've got some PATIENCE, my old football coach would have worked his arse with that attitude…there is time to work & a time to play he is one bad decision from disaster.

  2. GG- is spread the feet a good downswing thought? Would this get the legs into the position you prefer for DS?

  3. I stumbled across your videos a few weeks ago. Typically hit high, weak irons. Been practicing your moves for the last week (mostly in a hotel room without a ball). Not pulling the handle down was the hardest instinct to get over. Finally hit balls today. Feels like a totally different swing. Already getting some distance back and impact feels so solid. You have serious teaching skills!

  4. Kids dad must be paying a boatload for those lessons, only reason George didnโ€™t slap the shit outta that little bitch

  5. These guys should watch a Shawn Clemente video. The kid can't get it because it's an awkward convoluted position. Just swing the damn Club