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Refinerยฎ Pro Iron Hinged Training Clubs – Iron

Dual-hinged training clubs are reliable and effective training tools for pros and amateurs to hone their swing with. The Refiner Pro Iron’s two-way hinged club shaft give you instant feedback on tempo and swing plane by showing breaks in the swing at home or hitting balls at the range. Fully adjustable, golfers can change the tension of the hinge.

Dual-colored shaft gives a visual cue for an open, closed or square clubface
Patented, two-way adjustable-hinged 6-Iron
Golf swing flaws are immediately exposed by a break in the hinge
Engineered to hit golf balls and teach a smooth, even-tempo golf swing
Can be used at the range, home, or office, any time of the year
Promotes better golf ball contact for straighter, longer iron shots.
Patented see-through grip graphics for ideal hand placement
Includes adjustment key/divot tool

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