Golf Swing Tips | How to Stop Pulling with the Arms in YOUR Golf Swing
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  1. Good video. I commend your patience. I'd tell your student to keep his friends at home. For fuck sakes.

  2. pulling down with the arms has been a huge problem for me. I have never seen anyone address it until now.

  3. i see that his head turns quite a bit through the impact zone, does it have to do with him being right eye dominant?

  4. Love your videos. Idk how you don't give some of these kids a smack upside the head tho..

  5. GG if you're reading this i think your brilliant & explain things very simple to understand unlike most snake oil salesmen clogging up utube. I've already improved by just watching your videos!

  6. With the rotation that you are teaching would most students benefit from feeling like they stay on their back leg through the swing? Also you don't want the hips sliding to the target at all correct?

  7. Really good coaching despite the brats in the background causing distraction. Really enjoying the videos big age range of students with varying ability – great work.

  8. I just found you on utube and for what I seen looks really good and good timing because It looks like the stuff I'm working on with rotating shoulders out to ball which allows right arm to stay close to body till impact which keeps me from my bad pushes and not turning hands over and hitting draws and keeping to left side course instead of right and left lol

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  11. Just too much confusion, why would I stop using my arms when 80% of the golf swing power is generated from the arms. When you throw a ball you throw with the arms. Unhinging the elbows then the wrists, Jack Nicklaus said you can never release the club too soon starting from the top. The body might start the swing but to take the arms out is not good, itโ€™s just that old golf teaching that keeps players shooting in the 90โ€™s.

  12. I have been golfing for around two decades, unable to break Ninety. 3-4 years ago, I could not get an outstanding round but that was prior to I read the golf swing techniques โ€œamazing fosam siteโ€ (Google it). My irons aren`t that good. I could handle driver appropriately but could simply reach a small range..