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  1. You have the patience of a saint GG! I couldn't teach that lad, 5 minutes and he'd be gone. Good info as usual:)

  2. I can’t remember a bad video. Love the young mans energy he just needs to listen. Thank you GG

  3. Great patience with the kid. He has good energy , glad you didn't try to zap it. Competition would be great for hi and he will be more focused with time.

  4. Kids got potential G……digging his energy and enthusiasm but tell him to decrease his Red Bull intake to less than six cans a day.

  5. Funny that’s what my guy had me working on today. Getting my chest through and arms up after impact. Actually hit a draw for once. Any tips for someone with skater wrist break on right hand? No way to flex the rest on the backswing so I end up letting go at the top and catching it as it comes back down.

  6. what was it bobby jones once said?…..
    "at the top , the most interesting thing in the world is the back of the golf ball you're about to strike". This kid will be gone as soon as his parents stop paying for him…..

  7. Lol love this kid. Parents must really want him to be a good golfer. But there's nothing wrong with having a little fun during a lesson πŸ˜›