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  1. Caddies do way too much. They should just carry the bag and nothing more. Let the players use GPS to speed up play, and no input from caddies. No reading greens, and no lining up the player which is basically cheating.

  2. Caddies are just someone to blame when all goes wrong , I would to see golf rules changed like no more yardage books, no green reading books…and definitely caddies banned from laying down on the greens trying read it.

    The top players are great but they have every tool to help them like these yardage books etc and very rarely lose a ball because when they hit poor shots the spectators find their ball for them !!! Your average golfer has none of that help …..sorry if I sound bitter😁

  3. Aussie! aussie! aussie! oi! oi! oi!!!! You seem to love the beach and we have the best in the world so bring the whole family. Also The Ashes here at the end of the year. Great golf courses and great people. You and Lockey MUST do a coaching clinic in Melbourne.

  4. Players want companionship and basic advice. Someone that allows him to have fun, but then focus when he needs to become competitive again

  5. Coming to OZ would be awesome, also take into account Jet Leg. From Exeter to Melbourne with getting to and from airports your looking at about 31hrs travel time. When I come over to visit the folks the UK leg usually means a sleep when I arrive and then 3 early nights and everything's fine. Flying back to OZ is a killer, I'm usually knackered for about 4 days solid. Great courses around Sydney and the Gold course.

  6. Pro golfer's should want a caddie that gives accurate course info, be familiar with the golfer's patterns enough to give informed advice, and be able to get the golfer refocused when things go offline. Also, 2 heads are better than 1 usually when making tough decisions.

  7. For caddies I have to imagine its about finding a personality that brings out the best of your competitive attitude, while keeping you from breaking down. It can't be about telling them what shot to hit, or yardages — you wouldn't be a pro if you needed someone to do that for you.

  8. I follow Kip Henley on twitter. I also follow Bubbas caddie Ted. They have tough jobs. Kip caddied for VJ Singh, who is tough on caddies. You have to know more than yardage, breaks,wind direction. Have to know if they are striping shots or not playing well. You have to know how to keep your player in it all day during 5-6 hours. Bruce Edwards was Tom Watson's caddie and was monumental in starting the full time caddie jobs. He has a great book he wrote . Jason Day was a surprise, but maybe the travel was too much, like Steve Williams said, your player misses the cut, no money and lots of travel time

  9. Someone who brings out the best in the player. If they need tough love, they need someone who will dish it out. If they need to be treated with kid gloves, we can go find a pre school teacher😆. Cough cough, Jason day, cough…

  10. Would love to see you guys here in OZ, brah. We have some great courses here on the Mornington Peninsula and elsewhere. Take your pick from Moonah Links, St Andrews Beach, Woodlands, Yarra Yarra, etc.

  11. When they're not winning they want a new caddie to change things up a bit, hunting for something to create a change. When they're winning they just want to keep everything the same including the caddie to feel they have control.

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