Golf Swing Tips – Swing basics with Colin Montgomerie

In this video European Tour legend Colin Montgomerie shares his some simple tips, including gripping it lightly and hitting through the ball rather than at it with a clinic held at De Vere Mottram Hall in April 2013.

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  1. Great swing to watch,simple with tremendous rhythm.More importantly an action which produced proven consistent accuracy over a very long period of time.

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  3. Very body friendly swing which gives the illusion of having to be very flexible in order to make that full shoulder turn and have the club go past parallel .
    Monty gives the club momentum on the takeaway (lagging clubhead takeaway ) then lets that momentum (inertia) of the club help turn his body and raise his arms.. This requires being loose and relaxed more than being "very flexible". The momentum of the club and his VERY light grip causes the club to dip past parallel .
    Another benefit of taking advantage of the clubs momentum is that that momentum pulls your left arm straight .This takes the "slack" out of the rope (left arm) and maximizes the swing arc.
    I wish Monty would stop using the word "hit" and instead use "swing". He uses a pure swinging motion from start to finish and the ball just happens to be in the path of that swing arc (plane).
    The ball is never looked at as a target to hit at . It is a fixed point around which Monty sets up and aims his swinging machine (body) then let's the machine swing while completely ignoring the ball. Once the machine is set up and aligned , Monty swing just as well blind folded as eyes open. Maybe even better 🙂

  4. so true. I start squeezing with my right hand and the tension travels right up my shoulder, throwing my whole setup out of whack. Happens on putts too. So now I'm waiting to the last second to put my right hand on the grip and I'm forcing myself to stay relaxed with the right, but it's not easy. I feel like the character in the dr. strangelove movie, trying with all his might to keep his right hand from snapping off a nazi salute.

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  8. the grip pressure is a fabulous reminder. These simple suggestions are easy to understand and are a great teaching tool

  9. A big man with tremendous rhythm and timing ! Just collects the ball on the down swing ! Should have won many majors ! A little hot headed at times but that is his chemistry !

  10. When Greg Norman lost the US Masters after blowing a 4 iron 40yards right of the 18th, Jack Nicklaus gave him one simple tip to think of, should he ever get into the same situation again…grip pressure. Good advice Monty. One of the best British golfers we’ve had.