Golf Swing Too Narrow Can Cause Fade Shots

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Golf Swing Too Narrow Can Cause Fade Shots. This is another golf swing lesson from AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Sent via the golf app Mark talks narrow backswings and how they can affect your golf shots, often causing a fade or slice tee shot, Play your best golf with Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and lessons.

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  1. Nice lag rant there. You should collaborate with Monte Scheinblum to cure the internet golfing world of "holding the lag". 🙂 Well done.

  2. Great vid on width. Lag, it would appear, is only important for those who have been swinging the club for many, many years and have attained superior ability within the golf swing. To most of us, I agree it is of no importance. The 'plane' is the key to arriving at impact with a 'good' club face angle allowing better accuracy. Practicing and understanding shot shaping ( draw, fade, and of course str8 ) is key in developing the ability to control club face at impact and this my friends can only be done with more practice. I have played with too many 'high handicaps' over the years who believed they could get better by simply just playing once a week for many years with little practice. You can only get 'out' what you put 'in'. Keep up the great work Mark….. you are indeed a trail blazer 🙂

  3. Hi mark I'm a big fan of your channel I was just wondering what path you took to become a pro and how someone could become a pro?

  4. Excellent advice, I have a similar problem on my takeaway and I have found much improvement on a wider takeaway. Cheers

  5. Mark please please please could you look at my swing, Iv been desperate to get you to analyse it. Iv sent it via your app almost every day. Can I sent it to you direct somehow please help. Wicked videos mate.

  6. +Mark Crossfield what is a simple drill that will help create a better dynamic loft not only with the driver but also with iron play, not that i mind having a lower shot shape its just with greens in the state of Texas during the summer tend to become very very firm and as much spin as i create it still doesnt stop well enough for my liking. 


  7. Mark- are you seriously considering relocating to the states? You know we would love to have you here. California and Florida would be the most logical states for you to consider, although several others have weather very conducive to your profession. Please do tell us if we can help you in any way.

  8. Hi Mark thanks for your wisdom. I guess it is key to keep width on the back swing . The down swing thought may just make some guys go flat on the back swing and make it all messy.

  9. +Mark Crossfield Do you want to "rotate" your right wrist (for a right hander) through the impact zone or should you "hold off" with your wrist and try maintain square clubface for as long as possible? ie No wrist roll over.

  10. I can agree with the lag comment. Too much is just not controllable and will hurt your score. I can attest to this, when I stopped chasing lag, my swing improved.

  11. I'm tall and also have a narrow swing.  I try to "get wide" but seem to still hit it a bit thin!!! If I"get wider", I think I slide and don;t turn.  Play of 11 but played of 6 for a long time!!!


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