Golf Swing Transition-Bump, Dump and Turn

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  1. The correct bump will automatically lead to dump and turn without manipulation or effort on your part.

  2. when you bump are not still turning your hips? just wondering or am I over thinking this movement?

  3. this has helped me – the bump is important as it stops the upper half from spinning open to quickly and gives you the feel half way down that you back is to the target still. Once you bump, the arms are in the slot then you simply turn. BUM is still on the tush line and spine angle maintained!! PURE GOLD

  4. Monte, this has helped me a lot also. I did modify it a bit to fit my mind. I use "set" as in wrist set…..then "dump" to reconnect the right arm and get the left arm off the chest and then "turn" as in turn the body into the impact zone. It's kind of a combination to a couple of your ideas.

    The "bump" part tends to get my body spinning out to soon, but that's just me. Thanks again for your time and ideas.

  5. I love Monte's videos, but not this one. Described are three different, (relatively) lengthy, deliberate moves in the golf swing. Very important moves. And then says it's "all one motion". When swinging 100 MPH…you bet it's all one motion. There are better videos showing how to initiate the swing with the lower torso.

  6. Great video and nicely explained. Question, if i just think bump and turn, should gravity take care of the dumping of the arms?

  7. Doesnt this conflict with your "lead the downswing with your right elbow" video?

  8. How long is the bump in term of inches? It seems like the bump can be overdone. Can someone throw out a number? Would it be able 4 inches ? Or what is good number?

  9. 'This guy explains things fantastically and has a great communication style. He's separated the movements but once you initiate with the bump the rest follows seamlessly. Great instruction!!!

  10. This is the single best instructional tip I have ever heard.It has stopped me getting stuck (and hitting blocks and snaps) and has also allowed me to compress my irons much better. It just connected everything up perfectly. Great work, really great. Thanks.