Golf Swing Video Analysis Zack Johnson

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  1. Strong grip – better rotate or fore left! His high midsection speed produces negative gamma on shaft. Reason – His exit = Low arms – high shaft. Analysis – OK but the head move – Ernie has it also! Check out driver – Els – face on swing

  2. Why compare a guy swinging with a driver to one using an iron? To get the right launch angles that back up move is needed to shallow the club and to hit slightly on the up swing.

  3. Are you drunk? Old Zach is making about ten times what you are and you're critiquing his swing. Gimmie a break !!!!!!

  4. Wow. No mention of his signature , freaky , second to none (not even to Ben Hogan) , extension after impact!!! Figure out how to do that and everything else is lipstick on a pig