Golf Swing Weekly Fix Angle Of Attack

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Golf Swing Weekly Fix Angle Of Attack. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks about how people interpret angle of attack and challenges these ideas. The Golf Swing Weekly Fix every Tuesday brings you all the best from around the world of golf coaching.

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  1. this is my single biggest issue. if I play twice three times a week as opposed to practice my strike / interaction with the ground improves greatly. good vid

  2. glad you addressed that pretend rubber mat divot situation. you don't want the divot police after you again, do you?

  3. As a new golfer who has joined a links golf club this is something i am learning about the hard way, the world is differently not flat !!

  4. what about standing on a board or something for ball below feet feel.

  5. mark would like to see you do some testing on using clubs (irons) with shafts that are all the same length….like the new guy on tour Bryson D. (and I apologize I do not know how spell his last name ….)

  6. Excellent Mark , thank you for pointing out what really is common sense, but is often overlooked.????????⛳️????

  7. have you been in space Mark? you mentioned something about surely us knowing we dont live on a flat earth? is that to suggest you have seen earth from the perspective the con artist at nasa show us in so called images? or are you getting this because at a young age the teacher showed you a globe in the classroom stating "you live here". love your channel either way ;)