Golf Swing Weekly Fix Heel Strikes

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Golf Swing Weekly Fix Heel Strikes. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru talks heel strikes and how working on strike consistency can have a much bigger effect on your golf game than hitting the centre of the golf club.

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  1. Mark, do you think Paul loses distance hitting off centre? Adam Young states that hitting the sweet spot rewards with greater distance.
    Should I try to move my strike ? ( I too hit driver from the heel), or should I concentrate on being consistent where I am now? I'd really like to gain a few yards off the tee.

  2. Good video, really interesting MC. Kelvin Miyahira has done some interesting high speed camera (phantom) of heel strikes with a driver and it shows the face close on reaction to the hit with line drawn on the ball it shows a draw flight not a fade. What's that 3D drawing software MC? Not a bad spot to do the weekly fix from !!!! :)

  3. so where is the best spot on the face to have it hit.? I started to tee it up a little lower and now hit it center Low on the face and seems to get a little more distance but much straighter than higher on the face

  4. Mark… could you do a video on how to correct heel strikes that compromise strike and gear the ball to the right?

  5. i think your final point was the biggest one, and its by far my worst flaw is trying to do whats "perfect"