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Ian Wallace says:

That was one of your best lessons yet

TheChristophalos says:

Good stuff, but this audio echo is driving me mad.

Golfnovice24 says:

A good drill for weight shift/ shaft lean is to hit balls off your front foot. If you don't shift your weight substantially forward on the downswing you'll miss the ball. Once you get the feel then just move the ball back to normal

SuperMjc1987 says:

Thanks for the tips! Quick question tho, how would you adjust this for driver and woods/hybrids? And maybe even driving irons?

Roberto Malonso says:

Won't doing this drill make you lunge forward with your upper body?  Should the head and torso stay back when you hit the ball or do you let move towards the target as well?  Thanks

pim scholten says:

as always a great video

Kenneth Viig Hansen says:

Something's happened to the sound of your videos recently. Some echo in there. Rather disturbing on otherwise excellent videos.

Leander van Velzen says:

I think, Richards problem is, that he is a hip spinner and so his arm get stucked behind his body. I´m not sure, that weight shift helps him.

Andreas Kaimakamis says:

great video. piers looks like dr cox from scrubs. there, i said it. 

colby blasenak says:

Guys all u said was put the ball forward in the stance to a guy that puts the ball back in his stance to band aid his ground b4 ball striking. How about addressing his weight shift issue? Have the guy set up in a reverse K setup or something. U honestly showed nothing in helping this guys weight shift issue.

John Lee says:

I agree with Colby…

Nick Taylor Golf says:

By changing the ball position, won't this affect the path of the golf swing?

Bryan Dailey says:

Piers always sounds like C-3PO when the audio gets doubled!
:) He is fluent in over six million forms of communication.

Alfie says:

Great video, thanks guys. Could you kindly answer a question. At impact should there be less distance between the right knee and left leg compared to address? I am currently practising getting to impact with the correct weight shift and getting the heel of my right foot off the ground. I want to make sure I am practising it correctly. At address the distance from my right knee to the middle of my left leg is about 40cm. At impact it is more like 30cm. Is that too much kicking in of the right knee or is that ok? Thanks.

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