GOLF SWING WRIST ANGLES EXPLAINED, Mark Crossfield answers another viewers question when it comes to wrist angles in the golf swing. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips and instruction for golfers wanting to improve their golf swings. Learn from one the the worlds most searched and respected golf coaches.

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  1. If the stomach churning me and my golf m3 driver promo with DJ is the way to get TM love then it's not worth it!

  2. Is the salty comments against taylormade going to be a recurring theme in your vlogs now? The video where you explained the situation was very well done but since then you just come across as petty. Would it not be better to just move on and maintain your professionalism now that you have had your say? If the situation with them worsens you can always do an update video. Surely you can see how constant digs at them in future videos would put out a message that is at odds with your argument of being impartial when it comes to reviews for viewers.

  3. The Titleist people seem to be really treating you like family. I’ve always laid my club pointing at target upright and took my grip then with my left hand and then brought in my right hand. Where I get into trouble has been trying to release and not turning over. If I stay with a smooth tempo I’m alright but loose yardage but have a more consistent dispersion.

  4. Definitely time to move on from the TM comments brah ! Majority of players who start with a very weak left hand grip are more likely to extend(cup) the wrist (they tend not to flatten the wrist) at the top to have a longer backswing length plus they think that also adds more 'wrist set' for speed but both those beliefs are false.

  5. Such a great vlog that explains how there is not one way, but multiple ways that need balanced to create proper conditions for a particular player. Love the info bruh, appreciate what you're doing.

  6. Super good video. Maybe the first time I’ve understood grip in relation to flat or cupped wrists. I’m a strong grip player with a slightly cupped wrist. Now I know how I keep it from going too far left.

  7. Please lose a couple of those Pro V1x's in Canada, I need to add your face'd ball to my ball display cabinet!

  8. Great vid Mark. So someone with a neutral grip, attempting to flatten the wrist is doing something right?