If you would like a better backswing then getting the golf takeaway correct at the start of your golf swing will really help.

I see so many golfers hitting inconsistent golf shots and a small change in their golf takeaway can be all they need to have them hitting their driver and irons dead straight.

In this golf lesson i give you two easy to follow golf drills and a practice routine that will have you taking the club away correctly in no time




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  1. As always a great video, throughly enjoyed.
    Obviously we are all different in stature would that drill work for a 20stone tubby person as well

  2. Thanks for this Danny, I mentioned last week about my sway at take away and this is perfect for me so will try today and I know it will improve. Great video, keep up your great work.

  3. Thx Danny you really are the golfing messiah. You have an uncanny knack of producing a video on exactly the thing I'm struggling with at any given time. Thx for all your hard work and great too see your subscriber count climbing. Don't forget to remember me when you're rich and famous lol

  4. Nice one Danny, got a feeling that a few of us may have to put outer club a bit further away from the ball.

  5. Outstanding lesson- from club over right thigh to parallel to toe line, you mention "softening" of hands. Are you actively bending right wrist back to achieve this or is this something that happens passively?

  6. I've said before you are really helping my golf – until last Friday when I had a shocker and shanked at least three times (worse than your second shot here :). Maybe a lesson not on what to do but on what NOT to do e.g. shanking and how to avoid it – please and hurry up……..

  7. Thanks this really helped did not realize I was leaning to the left until I saw your video.

  8. My shaft points left of target parallel to ground so I hit everything left about 10 yards can't seem to straighten it out

  9. How do you know all this stuff…where do you study? I'm 18 and i shoot mid 70s and i waz looking into becoming a certified coach but where do i start to get proffesional information…is there like a majical book?

  10. Thank you Danny, I've been watching all your videos . My timing and tempo is a real big issue for me consequently I have such anerratic game.101 in my head is made such a difference. I use it now on all my shot making .

  11. Enjoying all your videos, great stuff.
    With respect to the club in the navel drill, why do you grip it so your hands are well away from the body compared to a normal address, would it not make it easier to transfer drill to swing having the hands closer to the thighs, or maybe I'm missing something.