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Amaze Your Golf Buddies Next Tour By Driving The Ball Further And Straighter Than You Ever Have In Your Life

You’ll be the Envy of your golfing buddies, When you hit the ball off the tee further and straighter than you ever have in your life, Each and Every Time with these tips and simple tricks.

In This Book You Will Find Out:

• The Number One Technique That Leads 98% of Amateurs to Slice the ball…

• How to Choose the Right Ball so you can hit the ball further without extra effort

• Simple Tips for choosing the right clubs at different stages of the course so you can get as close to the hole as possible

• A special trick with your grip that will make it easier to control your shot

• Which Club material will give you the most control so you can accurately hit the ball within inches of the pin

• The Simple trick to stop slicing your shot and end up in the trees

• The 4 different wedges and how to choose the best one for the situation your in

• How to Grip Your club to get the most control when swinging your club

• 9 “Secret” Tips to give you the perfect swing Each and every time and Reduce your chances of ending up in the sand bunker, Water or Trees.

• Stop “The Slice” with This Proven Technique To Give You the Edge over Your Friends, colleagues or business associates

• Which Ball is right for you? Learn the different types of balls and which ball will get you the longest drive

And Much Much more in this simple to read clear concise guide will give you the edge over your friends, not just in driving the ball but with every other aspect of the game.

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