GOLF: The Game-Changer Right Wrist Move For Hitting The Ball Solid

The Game-Changer Right Wrist Move For Hitting The Ball Solid

The right wrist could literally be a game changer and key to you hitting the ball more solid than you ever have before, having the clubface square and having your swing direction right.

Everyone emphasizes the importance of a flat left or lead wrist when you play golf. But, almost everyone leaves out the fact that we have another hand on the club. You training in how to use your right hand can work way better for a lot of you than trying to train in your left hand.

We’ll continue to talk at length about the importance of having a flat to bowed left wrist at impact, during the backswing, downswing and follow through. But the reality is there are two hands on the club and what your right wrist does, your left hand must follow.


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  1. That will be the “holding the waiter’s tray position” they talked about in the 1930s and 1940s. Seems like there is nothing new under the sun.

  2. thank you! is it an increase in side bend that gets the club to the ball at impact? the bend in the right wrist brings the club head further away from the ground

  3. Eric – your last 3-4 videos about wrist conditions are some of the best golf material I’ve seen on YouTube . This one is the icing on the cake. Very well done. This video should be mandatory for any golfer looking to improve their game. To me, proper right wrist action sets off a chain reaction of positive moves in the overall swing . Better body rotation, increased (but natural) RLB, shaft lean at impact, etc. I’ve never understood why teachers focus so much on the left wrist. It’s counter intuitive as most golfers are right handed – and therefore, trail hand dominate. Thank you, yet again, for these very educational videos – especially this one!

  4. Extremely well explained. I used to watch Tom Tomasello , he tells exactly the same thing. Thank you for the video.

  5. Just started doing a drill a few days ago that covers this, you are so right!!!! My contact and compression consistency increased.

  6. Ben Hogan said "I wish that I had three right hands" Now because of your lesson I realize what he meant. Thank you!

  7. Great video Eric. Does the same method apply to Drivers, 3 woods and Hybrids?

  8. Eye opener explanation on the right wrist…thank u Eric it make a lot of sense!!!

  9. Very Good. I thought you were going to speak about Hogan who went back cupped but got into the 'waiter position" at the beginning of his down swing.

  10. Was experimenting with this on the range just last night. So far I seem to be in the ‘bend at transition’ camp, but I definitely noticed better contact/compression and straighter shots. Great advice, it gives another way to think of the hands besides the ‘flat/bowed left wrist’ advice we all know about.

  11. Eric, thank you for the finest presentation of a golf tip that I have ever seen on utube. This is an issue I have never understood in 30 years of playing golf. You are the best and you get my vote for instructor of the year. And the nay sayer with the waiter’s tray can just “carry on”.