GOLF: The Key To A Consistent Golf Swing

The Key To
A Consistent Golf Swing

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What does it mean to have a consistent golf swing?

I think for a lot of you believe consistency is parallel with perfect or I’m hitting the same shot over and over. What I want to say first is a lot of you guys are super consistent already.

The issue it, it might not be the type of consistent that you want. If you really think about your golf game essentially everyone falls into a pattern where they hit really consistent shots. You’re consistent shot might be a 20 or 35, 40 yards slice to the right, but you’re consistently slicing to the right. You’re hitting the same ball flight over and over.

Consistency for me is about predictability of the ball pattern. To play good golf you must hit the ball at least solid enough and close enough in the middle of the face where you can predict the rest. If you don’t hit it solid consistently or predictably nothing else matters, which then leads us to the next part, which is ball pattern. I would much rather you hit a consistent ball pattern – meaning it does the same thing every time – than hit a ball pattern that goes left one day and goes right, the next day.

When I’m looking for consistency in my ball pattern, I’m checking two parts of the flight. The first part is where the ball starts.Then I’m looking at curve. If your ball starts in a certain direction and then curves in a certain direction, you are a consistent golfer.

In order to get consistent in a better way, you need to identify where you are “off”. There’s no magical thing that everyone’s going to do to be more consistent. You need to find what your thing is. Sometimes I swing the club a little bit too far from the inside out and I don’t rotate well. Those two little pieces cause some inconsistencies. So I know what my two things are and I work on those to get more consistent.

Now having said that, there are a couple of little minor points I want to get across in terms of consistency. Number one, there’s this false idea that you want to have the club face not rotating a lot through the impact area. I’ve seen a lot of really good players who have a lot more face rotation than one might like.

Another big myth I see, a lot of you guys still have this idea that you want to be really narrow and you want to have a big lag angle and that’s like the secret to golf. The fact is, you need a wider angle coming down. By width, I mean how far the hands are from my body as I work down during the downswing. I want to feel like the club head takes a pretty wide circle down at the ball. I want to get that club head a little bit lower to the ground sooner as I rotate through. This idea that I want this club head coming in narrow and hitting way down on the ball with a very small low point is not going to work as good for you.

To play GOOD consistent golf, you need to be pretty good at most everything. If there are one or two pieces off, the other stuff could be really good and you’re not going to be that consistent. Figure out what where you’re off and get better at that. You can have plenty of face rotation is still play really good golf. Also get the idea of lag and getting more narrow in your transition out of your head.

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  1. Really appreciate not talking about the perfect golf swing for consistency, but ideas to improve your own swing to be consistent. Spot ON.