GOLF: The Secret To A Flat Left Wrist In Your Golf Swing

The Secret To A Flat Left Wrist In Your Golf Swing

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the correlation of wrist angles and club face in the golf swing.

You will always have some level of hinge in your lead wrist during your swing. The trick is, the amount you hinge your wrist is also correlated with your other wrist angles – flexed (bowed) or extended (cupped).

So, why does any of this matter? A cup in your lead wrist it will result in an open clubface. A flat left wrist leads to a square clubface.

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  1. This nicely compliments what I learned during your analysis of my swing from Slice Fix Training Program

  2. The other thing is that a left wrist bowed in flexion actually puts more hinge in the right wrist. So we really want to load the right hand coming down anyway not the left (for right handed player obv).