GOLF: The Secret To Creating Lag You Never Heard Before

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The Secret To Creating Lag You Never Heard Before

Trying to create a lot of lag in your downswing is a horrible idea. Instead, I’m going to give you one or two things you should be doing to get the impact you want.

When you watch the pros – two-dimensionally – it looks like they have a much better angle coming down than you do. But, it’s not the whole story. If you were to actually measure the wrist angles of these players, it’s completely different than what it looks like on screen.

A lot of people are under the impression that you need to hold a left wrist hinge all the way down into impact to get lag. In fact, holding that hinge makes it impossible to actually hit the ball. To get the club to the ground you must unhinge. So, how do you square up the clubface from there? You need to add flexion and supinate your lead arm.

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  1. Never quite understood Jack Nicklaus when he said it was impossible to release too early from the top of the backswing, but now it makes sense.

  2. Thanks Eric for sharing what many Pros never teach or explain. I have never had this info explained to me in a golf lesson.

  3. The 45.5 degree parallel torsplin helix rotation in the left wrist for right-handed golfers allows for dominant closure of the clubface. The explosive centribiable release of the interior palitamistic membrane creates lag cosprativly producing considerable repetitive and dramatical shots.
    For $9.95 I will send you a free video.

  4. Between yourself and a British coach Danny Maude , you guys are all the general public need on you tube .

  5. Coach can you follow up with a vid on how to release the club during or post impact? There are coaches saying a body release and others advocate a slingshot kind of release and I am really confused.

  6. Excellent again…really like your practical & [honest] approach – keep up the great work!
    Thanks man ~

  7. Love your videos! I think I have fallen for the lag myth as well. Trying to be more consistent,. Suffer from a hook with irons and it kills me.