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Golf Tip Find Your Distances with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about hitting shot in your practice session to allow you to handle many different situations on the golf course. Use your range finder to find a distance and then hit different golf clubs to that distance and learn to play with ball flight for more control with all your golf shots.

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  1. How do we know? Editing the slomo to a different shot altogether suggests other wise – I wouldn't be happy hitting a wedge that fat!

  2. Hello Mark hitting in from 130 yards to 90 yards I really have difficulty, my driving can be 230 to 270, 3 wood 230, but my irons from 8 upwards are poor any drills you can suggest.

  3. Hey Mark. I really enjoy these kinds of activities @ the range. I remember a really old Titleist commercial where all the pro said that on the training days they would hit shots the weekend warrior would never dream of hitting. I think that's a fantastic idea! I feel much more prepared to hit a low cut with my 3i under branches because I've taken the time to do it on the range. I would suggest ppl take it even further and play a mental round on the range before they play their course.

  4. I just started playing golf, I've had a weeks vacation now with no possibility to play, so I've spent the nights and evenings watching these videos to get a feel for what to do, and how to think. These activities definitely makes it much more fun for me to play! I learn quicker cause I know what to think of, even though I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Great stuff, keep 'em coming!

  5. Hi Mark which one of the Nikon rangefinders is this? And is this the same one you use in the Spanish etc videos?

  6. How do you actually find out what distance you've hit on a driving range using the range-finder?

  7. Hi Mark.
    Love the vid's. Any ideas about how to really properly practice approach shots. Wedges especially. Playing off 11, but need to get my 120 yards and closer shots better, but don't really know how to make the most of my practice time. Any drills you could highlight would help. Practicing with a purpose is important so HELP!

  8. I think this is a superb short training demo and it is a great lesson for people who have a tendency to 'bag watch' (and you know who you are). It's not about muscling the ball with the most lofted club you can, because the first person in your group pulled a shot off, but about visualising the trajectory and matching the club to the shot required which Mark does very well here. 

  9. That was a really useful vid, Mark. Few people give advice on how to make best use of your time when on the driving range apart from fixing errors.

  10. I'm trying to improve my game a bit after years of just playing occasionally as a complete hack. I have bought a rangefinder and aim to finally get an estimate of carry distance of the various clubs. My question is would doing this at a driving range with manky range balls just skew my results ? Would I be better off just playing normal rounds with my normal ball and keeping track of my shots with the rangefinder over time ?