Golf Tip: How To Get Effortless Power

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For years people have always said I get effortless power when I hit a golf ball. This tip explains how I am doing it. Once you understand it relate what I am doing to your swing.

If you have a fast looking golf swing you are moving your arms independently from your body. This is not what I am doing. In my swing I get effortless power by having my body tell my arms how fast to swing.

If you have never done this before it will feel different. It will feel slow and easy yet when you see your ball after you hit it you will be amazed by the power you can achieve.

As I said, this is different and you are not good at doing it. So tee up your ball as you try it. Don’t stop after 3 balls if you don’t hit them well. Give me a few buckets to totally change your thought about hitting and finally get your arms turned off as you hit the ball.

If you are in any kind of pain when you swing the club your body will never hurt swinging this way so for you this tip is especially important.

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