Golf Tip – How your golf iron should sit at adresss

Meandmygolf explain how the golf iron should sit on the ground when addressing the golf ball


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  1. So whats the general rule here.. Im also 6ft2, with long arms probably almost identical to Pierce. People usually tell me im "too much bent over" at adress. But looking at Pierce, hes kind of the same as me. Its just how it looks when youre tall and got long legs right?

    What im asking is.. If youre tall with long arms, should your irons be flat or upright (in general). My current irons were bought from a friend and are 2 degree flat, thats why im asking. They just dont feel right.

  2. Hi, how do we know if our club shaft is too stiff or too flexible for us?will this have a big effect on our golf shot?

  3. Thanks guys! I was looking for an answer to the exact question you discussed. 🙂

  4. These videos are so helpful! They have helped me understand the finer points of the game, and best of all, helped me lower my score!

  5. I really don't know why, but I find Piers so funny. He makes me laugh. Another good video. Cheers chaps.

  6. HI Boys, Does this apply to driver also? toe up? I guess in theory for "ALL" clubs except putter??? TY for best instruction on youtube by far!!!!!!!!!!! FREDDIE

  7. Love these videos, but my question is this; Does the sun ever come out there?

  8. Thanks for the video. I notice also that the setup also forces me to adopt a more tour-like setup, with my hands closer to my body at address and directly hanging down.

  9. Hi Lads thanks for videos
    I agree with Mark Gay and yourselves (but not for such technical reasons as centripeta/centrifugall force why?
    I have been playing for nineteen years and at one time shot 5 over par on local course so somewhere in my body theres a good swing you cant fluke that score.

    Since then things went downhill big time and I almost gave up playing.
    This toe up position has changed my outlook completely

    This toe up with clubhead to me the most important key in the whole golf swing (look for the small things and the big things will look after themselves) I just made that up. lol

    Let me explain my findings /observations
    1. by toe up i now stand much nearer the ball (where i should have been all along)
    2 My hands hang down properly with no tension in my arms
    3 I now feel like i have an angle with my hands at setup (only small with thumbs up not facing ball)
    4 Ive completely lost all my tension at setup and feel ten times more relaxed
    5 I now get the Ben Hogan shoulder touching chin scenario instead of pushing my chin down to my shoulder
    6 I now seem to be swinging on plane on way down (goodbye over the top forever)
    7 my hips have just started to come alive (at 59 years old ) and now assist downswing
    8 Im not exhausted after twenty or thirty swings I could just swing like this all day (thats the feeling I now have)
    9 By looking at front edge of clubhead and target my shoulders are square to target at last
    10 I am now shown by clubhead and shaft to set ball back further in my stance
    11 my finish is high and balanced

    I havent even taken this to the driving range yet but know im on the right path at last

    I would appreciate your thoughts and will give some more feedback once I take this to the range and course
    Sorry this comment is so long

  10. I am new to golf and friends chuckle when I ask questions such as this one.  Thanks for a direct answer.

  11. Great. But would've been helpful to see a closeup of iron head at his address relative to the ground so as to see how much the toe was off ground.

  12. I have a good impact position, but I have always set up with the club head flat on the ground, could this be the reason that I sometimes thin the ball and cant take a divot after the ball?

  13. I have watched these videos so much I could resite them. and I've knocked 2 or 3 strokes consistently per week off my score and I credit you guys!

  14. You guys are great, any question I have yous will almost always have a video about it.

  15. Both 6 foot two! Andy I thought you were shorter. I suppose it depends on which one of you are on your HEELS or TOES at the time.