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Golf Tips & Etiquette : How to Clean Golf Clubs

Clean golf clubs by using water and a brush to remove the dirt and clean out the grooves. Learn to clean golf clubs with tips from a PGA Professional in this free video on golf.

Expert: Chris Ardolina
Bio: Chris Ardolina is a class A PGA Professional and a Jim McLean-Certified instructor in Miami, Fla. He graduated from Methodist University with a concentration in professional golf management.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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Shinc0 says:

You watched it 😛

Ryan Estorninos says:

does this method for cleaning clubs apply to left handed clubs?


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Marc Rudd says:

ah that was good i just cleaned mine in hot water but didnt think about using a tee to get the dirt out there

Marc Rudd says:

i just cleaned them in the bath

Sindre E says:

Yes, but inverted

Bunty Burger says:

Awesome tip Chris! Question…I tend to leave some mud on my ass when wiping. Can you make a how to video on how to properly wipe one's ass?

Jiraiya_Ero_Sannin says:

Any ideas how to get the blood and brain matter off the clubs???  Would soapy warm water do the trick!

Blade Blunter says:

I still don't understand how he did it.

Jack Moutell says:

I use a toothbrush to help clean off mud and a tee for the grooves.

Colin Selfridge says:

you should be fired for making this

PIOLIN the BOSS says:

Is there an other Hispanic golfers in the comments?

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