Golf Tips & Etiquette : How to Clean Golf Clubs

Clean golf clubs by using water and a brush to remove the dirt and clean out the grooves. Learn to clean golf clubs with tips from a PGA Professional in this free video on golf.

Expert: Chris Ardolina
Bio: Chris Ardolina is a class A PGA Professional and a Jim McLean-Certified instructor in Miami, Fla. He graduated from Methodist University with a concentration in professional golf management.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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  1. Get over oldschool methods of cleaning your clubs. checkout Neatstrike-Golf Club Cleaner. logonto neatstrike(dot)com

  2. ah that was good i just cleaned mine in hot water but didnt think about using a tee to get the dirt out there

  3. Awesome tip Chris! Question…I tend to leave some mud on my ass when wiping. Can you make a how to video on how to properly wipe one's ass?

  4. Any ideas how to get the blood and brain matter off the clubs???  Would soapy warm water do the trick!

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