Golf Tips – How to Get Consistent Golf Swing Tempo

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Golf Tips – Golf Swing Tempo

In this video I try to explain how to achieve consistent golf swing tempo. Sometimes when a player is on the golf course the first thing to leave them is their tempo. This is a critical part of playing good golf. I try to give different types of golf swing tempo tips. People with bad timing are not going to play great golf.

When playing golf, you want to be smooth and slow when hitting your shots. This is very important in that this creates the same timing each time you hit a shot. In my golf swing tempo video, i try to explain how to get this tempo and why it is important. In my own swing I am hitting shots at the same speed each time.

There are no real ways to get perfect tempo immediately. But in explaining why it is important and how you can achieve it you will then see why you need to master it. I have shown a couple of golf swing tempo drills for you to work on. I hope this helps in your game and make you play better golf.

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  1. This is the best ever demonstration. and perfectly shown. how to swing the club for power and control !! I may have missed some thing in lessons? but no one has put it better. power to your elbow Paul. yours Bruce

  2. to make it easy, think about pausing at the top of your backswing.  you wont be pausing but actually your hips will unwind first, hands will drop, and arms will follow.  think pause, you wont actually pause, but you will create great tempo

  3. Excellent video. Maybe it will help me. I have a good practice swing, can hit plastic balls well, and after about 10 real balls on the driving range, they too fly great, But as soon as I get to the first tee, make a backswing, I freeze trying to come down. The only way I can finally hit the ball is to take a step forward, like a baseball swing. Any ideas? Hypnosis? I've had this problem for about 4 weeks, seems like it started after I developed "golfer's elbow", which, after a doctor injected cortisone, is gone. My son-in-law has often said, why do you always try to kill the ball (he hits it a mile, hdcp 7).  

  4. Bro I thought I was crazy but I was just practicing at the range and I stopped to think about what I was doing wrong "all harms".
    So I slowed way down almost felt like I being dumb but consistent ball striking occurred.
    I'm really excited thank you for the video to back my thougts of what was wrong. 

  5. played of 5 handicap for 30 years and now play off 15. Watched this video went to the practise ground for an hour and shot 2 under for 9 holes.Awesome instruction Paul.Regards from Co. Galway. Ireland.

  6. Paul,
     I have been a disciple of yours for a few years now.  Your teaching is by far the best I have experienced and augment it with a visit or two to my local Pro.
    1st, A little background:
    I recently, (yesterday), put the Swing Speed Radar into use at my local practice tee. I noticed that my optimal head speed for my driver and 2 wood is currently at 84 mph with a longest drive at 92.  Having said that, 84 is my current maintainable head speed with those clubs. 
    As I moved on to my pitching wedge, (currently locked in at 95 – 100 yds. accurately), I noticed that my head speed dropped to 56 mph.
    2nd, My question for you:
    Is the drop in head speed with the wedge an anomaly or is this the norm?  In other words, should I be set at 56 or should I be seeking to increase head speed almost 30 mph?  I am not quite sure what the head speed is telling me with the wedge.  Would you enlighten me?
    -Rich P.

  7. this is your man for golf instruction, no golf gobbleygook, just straightforward advice. thanks.

  8. Simple and yet effective … Your tips are always very easy to digest especially for social golfers … Thanks, Paul!

  9. Wow–I learned a lot from this video!  

    At 64, I've been playing golf and learning about the swing for 51 years now, and this is first time I've ever truly understood how pros and top amateurs generate effortless power.  When you see effortless power it's unmistakable, but I never knew the facts behind it–that the average body speed of good players is two and a half mph and that the body tells the arms how fast to swing.  Since the age of 13 I've read instruction by many great teachers, beginning with Claude Harmon, and many great players, beginning with Jack Nicklaus. I've taken lessons from several pros, and over a beer or two have picked their brains about the golf swing.  Many teachers emphasize the importance of the arms swinging in sync with–or connected to–the body, but I've never heard anyone else discuss body speed in mph and how the arms moving with the body (not independent of the body, as in most amateur swings, including mine when it's off) simply can't outpace the body.  That's physically impossible.  It's amazing how something so obvious has been overlooked.

    Pretty much from the start of my golfing life I've known about the importance of wrist hinge in creating the lag that results in the late release that produces power, though I've never heard the role of the wrists explained so simply and clearly.  Again, Paul Wilson doesn't overlook the obvious–loose wrists of course will move more quickly and provide more power. Of course there's more to lag than this–you have to hold the angle and time the release–but without loose wrists and their potential for faster motion, lag would be pretty much impossible to achieve in the swing.

    His explanation also clarifies the concept of centrifugal force in the swing–the old analogy (originated by Percy Boomer, if memory serves) that likens the golf swing to a stone swinging on the end of a string in a circular motion.  Very little motion at the center of the circle, where the fingers hold the string, results in the fast circular motion of the stone. This analogy has always made intuitive sense to me–and though I'm not a scientist, I think physics supports it–because as with the stone and the fingers holding the string, the club head moves so much more quickly than the golfer holding the club. 

    Paul Wilson's lesson on tempo lets me visualize centrifugal force in the golf swing. I can see the progression of accelerating motion from the golfer's slower body and arms, outward to the faster wrists and hands, to the even faster shaft and the club head, and finally to the ball as the club head strikes it. The analogy of swinging a stone on a string is more than a clever idea.  It's real.  Think of it–during the swing, the good player's body moves at about two and half mph, while the club head moves at speeds over 100 mph!  During the very same swing!  Not by violently and quickly yanking the club, but by smoothly and slowly turning the body while keeping the wrists loose and allowing them to generate speed.  If this doesn't give us a clear idea of how to swing the club, if this doesn't alleviate and possibly even cure lunging and swinging from the top, nothing can.  But it does, and it will!

    Where I live it's supposed to warm up in a few days.  I can't wait to get out and hit some balls and let this clear vision of tempo feed into my body and swing.  Knowledge is power and I'm sure this new knowledge will be very helpful.

    Once again, thanks, Paul Wilson, for a wonderful lesson that sheds new light and will help this old golfer improve his game.

  10. This guy is amazing he should be in golf channel . He help me alot thanks a million…Paul 

  11. Thanks for your videos. Something in your description made the light go on for me. The relaxed swing has eluded me until now. I've been doing well enough…..but…..I get now. I know what to feel for…..very neat.

  12. excellent,EXCELLENT video. watched lydia ko swing. it looks as if she has been watching this video!

  13. I watch alot of videos on youtube mark crossfield me n my golf iv gota say paul you make it alot easyier to understand big fan keep it up 

  14. I really like Paul Wilson's approach and demonstration of the golf swing.
    It's a lot simpler  than the losers like Mclean and Leadbetter etc. would have you believe…after their 3,000 books, articles and gadgets and videos.

  15. Thanks!  Hopefully I will start doing this…always want to use arms….Practice,Practice,Practice!

  16. Awesome video, I struggle with my tempo a lot. This helped me seeing I'm trying to use my arms and staying tense through my entire swing. Definitely going to go to the range and try to be relax and let it go and see how much I improve.

  17. Your tips are amazing! I used to hit have to use a 8 iron to hit 100 yards now just using my body with loose wrists I hit a pitching wedge that far easily. Everything makes some much sense thanks for all the tips.

  18. In your Video How to get Consistent Golf Swing, Which i look at every day, and try to get it working for me, Question please how far are you hitting each club in this video

  19. My name is Caroline, I am 13 years old, and I'm from Jupiter Florida. I watched your video last night (3/25/16) and the very next day I played a par 3 course and shot my lowest round ever AND I got my first Hole-In-One ever at the Jupiter Dunes golf course hole 11! Thank you for the great advice!!!

  20. These are the best videos i have seen! After watching several of your videos I went out and practiced what you are saying. The first time I truly focused on slowing down my swing i was shocked to see the distance and accuracy improvement. I am a believer….I think you just improved my game by a half dozen strokes!

  21. Paul at what point in the downswing do you release the wrists to create the whip action with the club head? I had a couple of lessons from a guy and he wanted me releasing the wrists right from the start of the downswing. When he moved my arms and helped me it worked great when I did it it was a disaster with all kinds of different bad shots. I usually don't move my hands at all and am a shut faced player. Pretty screwed up huh??

  22. Without doubt you are the best I have seen and boy do I watch a lot …. You keep it so simple and works for me …. Great stuff paul ????